I worked for eight years as the writing editor of two different business publications, news2biz ESTONIA and news2biz CHINA, which were published in Swedish and English as well as Danish. Every day I phone-interviewed sources all over the world in English, I had associates and colleagues with whom I only spoke English, and I got my input for the articles from international business news sites.

Interviewing live before an audience in English comes natural to me – I have interviewed British authors eg. at the book fare Bogforum in Copenhagen and at the crime fiction fare Krimimessen in Horsens several times. Interviewing in nordic (Danish-Swedish-Norwegian) is a similarly easy task for me.

I also write in English. In 2016 I was admitted to Cambridge University summer school, where I studied creative writing for a week. The other participants were mostly native speakers, and there was no extra consideration for non native speakers. I submitted an essay for evaluation and received the grade A.